Cuban Filmmaker Directs New Video Clip

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Cuban Filmmaker Directs New Video Clip
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30 November 2015
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Cuban filmmaker, Alejandro Perez, repeated the formula with his compatriots Gente de Zona, and Puerto Rican salsa singer, Marc Anthony, in the new video clip of this explosive mixture entitled "Traidora," which was recently recorded.

Director of the video clip "La Gozadera," first song the Cuban band and Anthony sung a duet last year and is still listened in the radio stations of the continent, Perez directed the new song, which began to spread hardly 15 days ago.

This is the third time the filmmaker works alongside the author of "Valio la Pena" and "Vivir mi Vida," to whom he had the opportunity to also direct him in "Flor Palida."

On Saturday, Anthony posted in his twitter account some images of the shooting of the clip. Having a good time with Gente de Zona behind the scenes of "Traidora." Are you ready for what it comes?, he wrote in the social network.

In exclusive statements to Prensa Latina, the director of the video clip "Bailando," performed by Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias and Gente de Zona, announced that the recording of the audiovisual production "Si te vas," sang by Mexican singer Paulina Rubio, has just been completed.

Perez was awarded yesterday with four Lucas 2015 awards, which recognizes the best video clip of the year in the country, with "La Gozadera," which won two prizes, including the most popular video; "Let me be your lover," performed by Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull, and "Me estas removiendo el piso," sang by young Cuban singer Omi Hernandez.

About 100 video clips competed this year in the Lucas awards in 30 categories, in which Cancion facil, sang by Haydee Milanes, directed by Fernando Perez; who won six prizes, and "La Moda," performed by Los Van Van and directed by Alejandro Valera, were awarded, among others.

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