Havana Theater Festival

Havana Theater Festival
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27 October 2015
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The debut of the play, Magic is Over, Harry Potter by the Cuban company El Público was one of Monday’s attractions. The staging of this work in progress fulfilled the great expectations it had engendered among theater enthusiasts and was performed at the Trianon theater.

Besides Harry Potter, there is the debut of Yilian de Bala Coming Soon, by Sandra Rami and her company Colectivo Persona, with a strong audiovisual work and wrapped in an attractive show of design and fashion. Yilian de Bala Coming Soon will have its debut in the Raquel Revuelta Hall, named after one of the most important figures of Cuban theater history, where the German Company Merdian Dresden will also perform the play called Nostalgia Cuba.

Shows for children will be a priority with the Puppet Hall of the play Love Stories, performed by the Pequeño Teatro Guiñol, based on a children's play.

Acts already seen by Havana spectators since the beginning of the Festival, on October 22, are deemed thru relevance and artistic nature to merit several performances. In this last case are included Broadway Rox (United States), El Bogotazo (Colombia), 'Yesterday I did not kill myself thanks to you' Heiner Muller (Germany), Glory Box (Australia) and Mecanica (Cuba), among others.

The 16th Havana Theater Festival (FTH) will run until Saturday, October 31st. Representatives from 22 countries representing 37 foreign and 13 Cuban companies are taking part. The Festival is dedicated to the 90th birthday anniversary of eminent British playwright Peter Brook.

Edited by Ivan Martínez

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