Aragón orchestra Stars a new multimedia by Ediciones Cubarte

Aragón orchestra Stars a new multimedia by Ediciones Cubarte
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11 March 2015
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José Luis Prado, director of the label, said this product will be ready soon , including a detailed tour by the different moments of the group, its albums, a complete record of the musical themes, press clippings, articles on its tours inside and outside Cuba, photographs on the most important moments of the ensemble, biographies of its members, audios and videos of concerts and performances on TV programs.

Eduardo Torres Cuevas, director of the Cuban National Library and enthusiastic collector of the Aragón, along with young researcher Alegna Jacomino and Rafael Lay, its current director, joined efforts with specialists from Cubarte to achieve a work that goes beyond the chronological recount.

We tried, above all, to rebuild the stages, and we made a list including all the musicians. Our interest was to rebuild—as much as possibly—the future of the orchestra, including the non-recorded themes, explained Torres Cuevas.

We may join this socio-cultural analysis of the impact of Aragón orchestra on the Cuban society, during the second half of the last century, in which many wanted to dress, comb, walk and dance like its members.

Aragón has one of the most extraordinary repertoires I have ever seen in my long life, and I do not say this being a musicologist, but also a listener, expressed Radamés Giro, who affirmed he wish he could do this rescuing work with other prestigious Cuban groups.

Ediciones Cubarte presented in this 24th edition of the International Book Fair, Cuba 2015, several collections and multimedias, as an example of its work on behalf of the preservation of the cultural heritage and promotion of rare copies which are not usually available to all in the libraries or specialized centers; as well as the abstracts of the Avance and Conjunto magazines, and the monograph Joel James Lives! about the life and work of folklorist Joel James Figarola, among other products.

Translation: Roxana Marquez Herrera (Cubarte)

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