The Endless Showing of Now Documentary

The Endless Showing of Now Documentary
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20 August 2019
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It could not be different; it is there the documentary entitled´Now´and the series of film entitled´60 años de cine cubano´ that was recently inaugurated at the Pabellón Cuba fairground in Havana city, along with the emblematic posters of the local Arts and Cinematographic Institute (ICAIC) which are also being shown.

We are before one of the excellent proposals of the twentieth event of the Art Fair in La Rampa that is dedicated to the celebration of the anniversaries of foundations of some institutions of the local Culture Ministry, the EGREM, ARTEX, Casa de las Americas center, ICAIC, Provincial Book and Literature center, as well as the Cuban Music Institute.

However, let's go back to Now documentary by great Santiago Álvarez (1919-1998) that was made in 1965 and taken into the graphic universe by Alfredo Rostgaard.

It was in 1989 and on the occasion of the thirty anniversary of the ICAIC when the Cuban Cine Cubano magazine carried out a survey among Arts critics in the Cuban capital to choose the ten best fictional feature films, ten documentaries and ten cartoons of that institute's production since its foundation. That work led the list of its category.

There have been many related reviews, comments, articles, essays, as well as official announcements that have been written in Cuba and overseas on the aforementioned documentary as it shows to us a detailed group of news programs, pictures, including the U.S. Black people's fight against the racial discrimination that has been considered as the first Video Clip of the history.

The Endless Showing of the Now Documentary

With that old related material and loud music sung by Lena Home, she shows a new way to make movie and it is something really important as it achieves moving the viewer in spite of it could have been watched more than one time.

As it was pointed out by the filmmaker Sergio Giral himself:

“The Now Documentary is not only a good cinematographic production as it was also a good one made at the same rhythm of an exciting song.”

“The use of the old filming material gives it a vitality that make not only more serious and impetuous the events but also rational.” Now begins with a hope and ends with an encouraging battle scream.” He said.

The Endless Showing of the Now Documentary

Many recognitions has supported that material which is studied by movie students and their professors. The accolades include the Paloma de Oro award at the international Documentary Movie Festival from Leipzig in the Democratic Republic of Germany (1965), the Medalla de Oro award at the International Documentary and short film Festival from Bilbao in Spain (1966), the Special Jury Award of the International Movie Festival from Viña del Mar in Chile (1967) and Copa (es-aequo) award at the Phnom Penh Festival in Cambodia (1969).

El Cartel de Rosgaard poster, on its part, which is present in many anthologies, is something you should see more than one time.

Until September 1st, it will remain opened to the audience as an excellent chance to watch, know and getting into a wonderful universe as it gathers a careful related selections which are representatives of the seventh art in Cuba. It is a real joy for the sight, soul and knowledge.

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