Serrat Celebrates 50 Years

Serrat Celebrates 50 Years
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30 September 2014
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Joan Manuel Serrat will release, November 4, a quadruple album with 50 of his most emblematic songs, to celebrate his 50 years on stage.

Most of the songs included in “Disordered Anthology" (Antología Desordenada in Spanish) were re-recorded, and feature 31 collaborations with artists such as Calle 13, Silvio Rodríguez, Rubén Blades, Les Luthiers, Miguel Rios, Joaquín Sabina, Alejandro Sanz, Mercedes Sosa, among many others.

Serrat decided to include the original version of 11 songs in the album, which according to the author can not be improved. “The re-recording of these songs can’t contribute to the improvement of the preexistent,” said Serrat.

The album will include a 104 page booklet, in which Serrat narrates some of the most interesting anecdotes of his musical career, and a selection of 100 pictures.

The celebrations will also include a world tour in 2015, which has already 100 dates scheduled.

Joan Manuel Serrat performed live for the first time on February 18, 1965, at the Toreski studio in Radio Barcelona.

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