Spielberg Begins Shooting New Film in Brooklyn

Spielberg Begins Shooting New Film in Brooklyn
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15 September 2014
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Old signs and businesses with a 1960s look have appeared along the narrow streets in the area located just yards from the Manhattan Bridge to recreate the New York of decades past on the big screen.

Spielberg is scheduled to begin filming on Sunday in DUMBO, where several square blocks have been occupied for days by production teams, the Gothamist Web site reported.

The film – starring Tom Hanks, Amy Ryan and Eve Hewson, among others – does not yet have an official title, but signs posted in Brooklyn are referring to it as “St. James Place.”

The film has a script in which the Coen brothers – responsible for movie successes such as “Fargo” and “No Country for Old Men” – participated and tells the true story about attorney James Donovan, who negotiated in the name of the United States with the Soviet Union and Cuba in several crises during the 1960s.

The acronym DUMBO stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.” It was designated one of Brooklyn’s historic districts in 2007.

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