Serbian parliamentarians and Cuban ambassador meet

Serbian parliamentarians and Cuban ambassador meet
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27 February 2020
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Cuba is determined to develop all its spheres and improve its society, despite the blockade imposed by the United States and the tightening of that policy by the Donald Trump administration.

Cuban Ambassador to Serbia Gustavo Trista del Todo expressed his people's determination on Thursday at a meeting with members of the Cuba Friendship Parliamentary Group of the Serbian National Assembly, made up of lawmakers from several political forces.

He explained the latest actions taken by the US Government to prevent Cuba's access to hard currencies, including the ban on cruise ships from docking in Cuba, the elimination of flights to Cuban provinces and other measures that affect the tourism industry.

Trista del Todo also referred to the repeated efforts to block the arrival of oil and other fuels in Cuba, a criminal action against the Cuban people.

The ambassador explained to his interlocutors the meaning of the full enforcement of the Helms-Burton Act, after the coming into force of Titles III and IV, which no US president had so far implemented, due to their marked extraterritorial nature and the obstacles to foreign investment.

Trista del Todo thanked the lawmakers for their visit to the Cuban Embassy and called to hold these kinds of meetings more often to exchange information about the situation in the two parliaments and countries, and further strengthen friendship and cooperation.

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