Cuba exhibits healthcare experience at int'l forum in Thailand

Cuba exhibits healthcare experience at int'l forum in Thailand
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2 February 2020
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Cuba presented its experience in public health during a conference that closed on Sunday in Thailand, where more than 1,000 experts from 70 countries, United Nations agencies and other international institutions participated.

The lecture by Dr. Tomas Reinoso, professor at Cuba's National School of Public Health, aroused great interest at the symposium on the ways to achieve a universal coverage in public health, Cuban Ambassador to Thailand Hector Conde told Prensa Latina.

His speech dealt about the Revolution's work in health care, staff training programs and actions of solidarity and international medical cooperation, he said. Along with Reinoso, the diplomat presented the work of more than 400,000 Cuban healthcare workers, who have completed missions in 164 nations in 57 years.

We also denounce the smear campaigns and aggressions by the current US government against this special work and condemn Washington's genocidal and illegal economic blockade against Cuba, Conde stressed.

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