Le Hoyo de Monterrey: new cigar bands of Habanos

Le Hoyo de Monterrey: new cigar bands of Habanos
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28 October 2014
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Habanos S.A., the Corporation formed by Cubatabaco and the Spanish Altadis (from the British group Imperial Tobacco Group PLC), has launched to the market Le Hoyo de San Juan, the new cigar band of heavy gauge that renews and expands the series Le Hoyo, from the Hoyo de Monterrey brand.

The new model incorporates leaves dry and light coming exclusively from San Juan y Martinez (in the area of Vuelta Abajo, extreme western Cuba), historical appellation of origin and the place where it was born this brand in 1865, explains Habanos on its website.

Like the other bands of the brand, Le Hoyo of San Juan (54 x 150 mm length) It is prepared by Cuban cigar experts, handmade entirely and according to Habanos, "it allows fans of Hoyo de Monterrey enrich the range in sizes of larger size, little present in the mark so far".

In addition, dry and light leaves that make up its smooth taste come from tobacco district of San Juan y Martinez, "providing consistency and own intensity that these soils give all the leaves that grow on them".

The Le Hoyo series was historically known for its fine gauge formats and medium. The new model - with its format of heavy gauge and length intermediate, and is characterized by its smooth taste -It is "an attractive option for those who like a cigar of less strength, delicate, aromatic and with great elegance and complexity".

Le Hoyo de San Juan will be initially available in the classic box of the brand, in packs of 25 and ten units. Boxes incorporate innovations in the brand image, external tape and also a ribbon harness the 25 units in a new white color, decorating details to help identify the new vitola of Hoyo de Monterrey.

Hoyo de Monterrey is one of the 27 brands that sells cigars, the world market leader of premium cigars (handmade), with a share of 70% and presence in some 150 Nations.

According to data reported in the latest Habano Festival, last February, worldwide sales of Habanos S.A. reached the 447 million dollars during 2013 despite the difficult global economic environment and the "anti-smoking" campaign, according to company executives highlighted.

That sales figure was 8% for 2012, when the company sold products by $ 416 million, 6% over 2011.

The company's main markets today are Spain, France, China, Germany, Switzerland, Cuba, Lebanon and United Arab Emirates. In 2013, Latin America, an emerging market for Habanos, responded by 16-17 percent of total sales of the Corporation, founded in 1994.

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