Cuba Hosts International Latin American Journalism Forum

Cuba Hosts International Latin American Journalism Forum
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21 January 2019
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Discussing about the Latin American journalism in the scenarios of globalization and new technologies is the goal of an international forum that begins on Monday at Havana''s Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

The event, which will conclude on January 22, is sponsored by the Latin American News Agency Prensa Latina in the context of the 60th anniversary of Operation Truth.

About the forum, Brazilian journalist Beto Almeida considered that discussing the manipulation of information and the danger it represents for the society are an opportune framework.

The analyst also commented that the issue of informative truth and non-truth is increasingly gaining political relevance and a great social impact.

This situation of manipulation and fake news can cause tragedies, wars and very harmful changes for the people, as in the case of Brazil, thus the importance of debating this crucial issue at the forum, Almeida said.

Colombian journalist Jorge Enrique Botero stated that the issues to be debated are fully in force and will be discussed by participants with a high intellectual level and experience in the sector.

It will be an important occasion to reflect on the situation of Latin American journalism in the light of new technologies that have transformed our profession completely, Botero said.

At the forum, which will recall the 60th anniversary of Operation Truth, professionals from the sector in the region and other parts of the world will seek answers to the challenge posed by the need to exercise journalism committed to truth and common good.

Operation Truth was a meeting of 400 foreign journalists in Havana when the Revolution was 20 days old, so that they could have first-hand information about the trials of criminals of war from the overthrown dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, amid lies about that process.

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