Colombian Organizations Pay Tribute to Fidel Castro

Colombian Organizations Pay Tribute to Fidel Castro
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25 November 2018
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Colombian organizations in solidarity with Cuba and workers at the Cuban Embassy in Bogota on Saturday paid a beautiful tribute to Fidel Castro, on the occasion of the second anniversary of his death on Sunday, November 25.

The ceremony took place in Las Canoas Metropolitan Park in Soacha municipality, department of Cundinamarca, some 30 kilometers from Bogota, where an oak tree was planted a year ago to honor the memory of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution.

Fidel was an inspiring man, with a singular magnetism, someone whose presence filled the hearts of those around him, said the young Colombian Jose Luis Rodriguez, who studied in Cuba at the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM).

The current leader of the ELAM Graduate Foundation in Colombia said that he is a member of an army in white coats founded by Fidel to bring health to the needy in Latin America and other regions of the world, including the United States.

The legacy of the Cuban revolutionary leader is in force in all ELAM doctors and the peoples of the world, who are grateful for his altruism and deep humanistic vocation, he stressed.

For her part, Ofelia Peña, president of the Association of Cuban Residents in Colombia, highlighted Fidel's greatness as a statesman and the dimension of his thought, reflected in his concept of Revolution, in which justice, equality and internationalism are pondered.

Cuban diplomats and representatives of the Colombian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba also referred to 'the visionary, the human being who knew with his example of struggle how to navigate the turbulent waters against the most powerful enemies that any man and nation could have'.

Also present at the rally were Cuban observers from the United Nations Mission in Colombia in charge of verifying the compliance with the Peace Agreement.

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