Zionist Genocide: There’s no Safe Place in Gaza

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Zionist Genocide: There’s no Safe Place in Gaza
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31 October 2023

Crammed into a narrow strip of land, over two million Palestinians move from one place to another, escaping the continued and increasing aerial and artillery bombardments carried out by the occupying Zionist army, which has entered Gaza twice and which has permeated by its leaders that the life of one Israeli is worth more than that of a hundred enemies.

For the far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the unprecedented military action of the Hamas guerrilla group — continued this Friday from other territories — has come in handy to put aside the various trials he has pending for corruption, cancel the protests of the population for the moment against unpopular measures and arm even children, impregnating them with hatred towards the legitimate owner of Palestine, and advance their extermination plans not only in Gaza, but in the rest of the territories it occupies.

The West, of course, is not going to prevent its representative in the Middle East, with the United States providing it with million-dollar sums to maintain its economy and hegemony, which includes the undeclared possession of atomic bombs, with a president who rushes to give his support with aircraft carriers, marines and pilots to the genocide, while cynically casting doubts about health reports on thousands of deaths and wounded people caused by his protégé, mostly children, in addition to the fact that many bodies are under debris.

As of this Friday, October 27, 7,326 people have died in the Strip since the beginning of the aggression. 40% of these victims —3,038 people in total — were children, while 18,484 have been wounded. The UN has condemned the forced displacement of Palestinians caused by Israel and calls the Netanyahu government's actions "collective punishment." Furthermore, it reminds Hamas that taking hostages is a war crime. The Israeli army, we emphasize, has carried out a new ground incursion into the Strip in recent hours with tanks, helicopters and infantry, which have attacked “dozens of terrorist targets,” as reported on its X account. It is the second ground operation over the Strip in two days. After Thursday's operation, the military leadership warned that it was a preparatory operation for a later large-scale invasion, and that it would not be the only one.

UNESCO has published a statement calling for an "immediate cessation of attacks on schools" in the Gaza Strip. The UN education and health organization has warned that more than 200 schools have been damaged there since October 7. This stands for around 40% of the total number of schools in the Strip, forty of them with very serious damage.

"Over 625,000 students and more than 22,500 teachers in the area are in a situation of extreme vulnerability," the statement said.


Following the lead of the senile but devious American president, the spokesman for the White House National Security Council, John Kirby, questioned whether civilian casualties are in the thousands: "His Ministry of Health is nothing more than a cover run by Hamas."

Furthermore, he dared to say that “the United States accepts Israel's management of the war and trusts it to do the right thing and minimize civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip.”

But he does not mean that the Westerners only refer to the Israeli civilian casualties caused by the Hamas attack, with British and Swedish weapons, coming from the heavy military support provided by the West to Ukraine.

While no agreement is reached in the Security Council to prevent the continuation of the Zionist massacre, thanks to the veto of the United States, there are very few governments that have expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people, such as Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Brazil and Cuba in Latin America, while none of the European countries have had a say on the matter so far.


But while the vast majority of governments remain silent in the face of the Israeli genocide, the president of Turkiye, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, stated that Israel's attacks have nothing to do with self-defense and everything to do with a certain cruelty, and regretted that "the sad thing is that uncivilized people who pretend to be civilized, limit themselves to contemplating this brutality."

After stating that the event is a stain on the collective conscience, he asked: "How many children have to die?", and protested because the European Union Commission declared that it cannot yet call for a ceasefire. “How many more people have to die? How many children have to die? What is your count? Why do they do this? Explain this so we know when a ceasefire will or will not happen," he demanded.

"I have been in politics for 40 years, but I never sat idly in the face of such savagery,” [...] Western countries are, regrettably, providing unconditional support for these attacks instead of calling on the Israeli government to exercise restraint. Over the course of 19 days,” Erdogan continued.

The head of state also denounced "the hypocrisy" of EU leaders, who seem to look the other way when the human rights of Palestinians are violated.

“Have they forgotten about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Do they not even take a glance at it? Well, they do when it aligns with their interests, and they disregard it when it doesn't,” said the president. And he added: "this is called hypocrisy and it is adding fuel to the fire."

He confirmed that Ankara is willing to provide all kinds of humanitarian aid, "from setting up field hospitals to bringing the wounded into the country for treatment — "Israel, don't forget to open your history books."

In conclusion, the president appealed to the people and the Israelis. “Just as we showed generous kindness to the Jews who escaped the Inquisition 500 years ago, don't forget to open your history books and consult them. We did it. Just as we supported Jewish scientists who were subjected to genocide in World War II,” he recalled.

Erdogan stressed that for Turkiye "there is no difference between the children of Gaza, Palestine, Syria or the children of Israel." “Because a child is a child beyond all identities and definitions. “No one can make us feel the shame of remaining silent while children are killed,” he denounced.


Today, the State of Israel carries out a policy of terrifying, unjustifiable terrorism and aggression against the Palestinian people, as atrocious as those suffered by the Jews in the extermination camps of Europe during World War II. What happened there? How can this overwhelming mutation be explained in such a short period of time? Is it true that what was passively suffered is actively repeated?

For the far-right Israeli leadership, “Arabs only understand one thing: strength, and now that we have the power we will treat them as they deserve” an expression that was answered at the time by Nobel Prize winner José Saramago: “Israel is losing the capital of compassion, of admiration and respect that the Jewish people deserved for the sufferings they went through. “They are no longer worthy of that capital.”

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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