The World in a Soccer Ball

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The World in a Soccer Ball
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20 December 2022

The World Cup final is a sporting event that attracts the attention of many, many people all over the planet.

It was not difficult to imagine that just at the time when Argentina and France were facing each other, in the most dissimilar corners of the planet, either under a relentless sun, or shivering cold under several blankets, there were millions of humans with their eyes fixed on a screen.

However, FIFA estimates seem to have surpassed any imagination because their numbers suggest that some 1.120 million people followed, minute by minute, the movements of a soccer ball until Argentina's historic win with its brilliant, magnificent Messi.

And one may think, it's great that so many people have agreed worldwide on a single interest, but... how good it would be if that same amount, or perhaps less, a little less is no inconvenient, might suddenly coincide on other interests.

What if so many come together and in unison, crying out for everyone on this planet to have a plate of food, or because no one begs for a sip of water or dies of diarrhea? What if that same crowd yelling for a goal well or poorly scored, but because all weapons are destroyed or wars are over?

The UN would surely have little left to do by then. But no, people continue with their eyes fixed on the ball.

And how good, how great for Argentina, for Messi, for the joy of the World Cup in Qatar.

But… perhaps all is not so well with the world.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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