Will YouTube Shut Trump's Hatred Machine in Miami?

Will YouTube Shut Trump's Hatred Machine in Miami?
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21 January 2021

YouTube suspended Donald Trump's account for at least a week amid concerns about "continued risk of violence," becoming the latest platform to limit the U.S. president's activity on internet.

The Google-owned video platform said it removed content uploaded to Donald J. Trump's account on January 12th for inciting violence, although it was not immediately clear which particular videos were in violation of the rules.

"After careful review and in light of concerns about the risk of continued violence, we removed new content uploaded to the Donald J. Trump account and issued a warning for violating our incitement to violence policies," said a YouTube spokesperson in an emailed statement.

Based on this suspension, the account won’t be able to upload videos or broadcast live for at least seven days, although it’s still active, YouTube explained.

Comments on the account have been disabled indefinitely, the platform added. Under YouTube policy, a second notice would mean a two-week suspension, and a third, a permanent closing of the account.

With this measure, YouTube follows the example of other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, which froze Trump's accounts until at least the end of his term.

Twitter, however, was more radical and not only has closed the megaphone to the president permanently, but it has also just announced that other “70,000 accounts affiliated with the pro-Trump QAnon movement have been shut down to prevent them from using the social network for violent purposes, after last week's assault on the Capitol by supporters of the U.S. president.

Youtube should do the same with some of the Cuban youtubers based in Miami, who not only accompanied Trump’s electoral campaign repeating the lie that the Democratic Party was communist, but who, for months, have not stopped inciting violence in both Cuba and the United States.

Under the umbrella of the Miami anti-Cuban mafia, accessory in the assault on the Capitol, the so-called influencers, to name just one example, played a key role in inciting the terrorist attack perpetrated against the Cuban embassy in the United States on April 30th, 2020.

YouTube should also carry a "careful review and in the light of concerns about the risk of continued violence" on the role of these spokesmen of the North American neo-fascism, whose affiliation with the President was more than evident when Trump himself granted an interview to one of them in the eve of last elections.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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