With Trump Leading: North American Underworld

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With Trump Leading: North American Underworld
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7 July 2020

Regardless of the current tough situations in the United States, they cannot yet predict whether President Donald Trump will be re-elected next November, either by popular or electoral votes, by any gap in the polling stations or the computers that count, if by fear of a little convincing Democratic opponent, or fear that something worse might come, although, the latter could only be a nuclear catastrophe.

The truth that the main cause that the COVID-19 pandemic threatening life in the still number one military and economic power has not made true his promise to avoid that a large part of the population is considered as Third World , but of the Fourth World, as he had said to his predecessor, Barack Obama, during the 2016 electoral campaign.

He kept repeating so until his electoral victory, but when he took office, he forgot the promised well-being and, on the contrary, began and developed a policy of hatred for the poor, whom he makes live in a theoretically non-existent Fourth World.

Thus, he advocated policies that eliminated previous ones from the Obama administration to make marginalized life more bearable, stressing the one that prevented the rise of minimum wage, despite the popular support.

A colleague of mine once told me jokingly that in Sri Lanka (former Ceylon) there was great equality, because they were all poor and starving. Years later, after the tsunami in December 2004, he found that, despite the destruction and the armed struggle, the small Indian nation, in addition to being beautiful, had a good development, which has kept and, above all, a spirit of solidarity regardless of ethnicity or religion.

But in the United States there’s nothing of this and, despite being the wealthiest nation in the world, it houses between 50-58 million poor people, 18 million in a very low line of scraping out a living, and at least five million who are homeless and jobless, but they are starving. These figures are in fact before the pandemic hit, which has caused the economy to contract by 5% and left 49 million people unemployed.

Invisibles are called the most marginalized, as shown in a film by the Buddhist and social activist Richard Gere, who shows us, slowly and to the detail the life of human beings, invisible to the establishment. The film name is Invisible, ran in the Cuban TV channel Multivisión.

In the United States and very closely, I have watched how people close to me, women had to abandon advanced university and high school studies to work in construction and nursing homes, while others work from early morning to dusk, day after day, to be able to pay medical debts, besides having something to think that can ease their lives there. Elders have nothing good to expect from the “dreamland”.

A United Nations study showed that many counties in the state of Alabama don’t have even the smallest basic sewage systems, and many of its inhabitants suffer from hookworms, a disease typically found in developing countries, and it was thought to be eradicated in the United States since the 1980s.

With Trump, none of these problems disappeared, because his policies are deliberately designed to remove the basic protections of the poorest, punish the unemployed, and make even basic health care a privilege to obtain rather than a right to citizenship.

Without a doubt, the contempt for the poor in the United States generates cruel policies, and this worsens the situation of 46 million North Americans who depend on food banks. And this before the epidemic set in.

Even people who work full time can’t afford a decent life. They need food stamps, the kind of assistance the government can provide, but instead what this administration does is a constant cut of all those benefits.

Much more could be said about the lives? rather slow deaths of the marginalized North Americans, those ignored by the system, who are not interested in a system that keeps them invisible, hidden in the Fourth World.

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