Trump against Cuban Doctors

Trump against Cuban Doctors
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26 November 2020

Cuban-American senators Marcos Rubio and Robert Menéndez are plotting new, sinister actions against their home country. Perennial parasites of the Anti-Castro industry, both introduce legislations against the Cuban medical cooperation and promote, with federal funding, a campaign to give a false and ridiculous image of it, as vulgar slave trafficking with which the “Cuban State benefits economically.”

Both pursue a common and essential goal, to intensify the campaign at the heart of the UN and Europe to impede the granting of the Nobel Prize to the Henry Reeve Medical Brigades, proposed by hundreds of world’s celebrities and social and humanitarian organizations, which already own thousands of signatures of support, including in the United States. The political panorama favoring and encouraging these and other actions is the tightening of the US blockade against Cuba by the Donald Trump’s administration, even to unprecedented levels.

This policy has been taken to the cruelest extremes during the Covid-19 pandemic and includes an incredible degree of persecution to the Cuban medical cooperation worldwide, blatant pressures on several governments to ignore it, and the expulsion of thousands Cuban health workers from Brazil, Bolivia, and Ecuador. But, above all, it led to the aggravation of the sanitary situation in these three countries and caused their fragile public health systems to weaken to their highest degree before the emergence of new coronavirus to Latin America and the Caribbean. The dramatic deterioration of the South American health and epidemiological situation as a result of the brutal policy of Trump against the Cuban medical assistance, his harassment to the Pan American Health Organization, his attitude of denial of the virus and science, and even his suggestion on dubious remedies to face the disease have been so relevant that the New York Times published an editorial entitled “Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro weakened the Latin America’s health protection against Covid-19.” The leading article, which no one in his right mind would say it is friendly to Cuba, made this statement early on in the article: “Trump and Bolsonaro expelled 10,000 Cuban doctors and nurses from different impoverished areas in Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia and El Salvador. Many departed without replacements, few months before the emergence of the pandemic.”

Further on it states: “Later, both leaders attacked the international organization best suited to fight the virus, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), by citing its involvement with Cuban doctors. With the help of Bolsonaro, Trump almost bankrupted the organization when he withheld funds at the height of the outbreak, a measure never taken before.”

“Trump’s government still lobbies on other nations to expel Cuban doctors. This summer, CARICOM — of which are member states 15 nations of the Caribbean and other 5 are associate member territories — condemned the White House for threatening the countries that rejected the idea,” it added. Let’s not forget that most health systems in those nations have the direct contribution of Cuba, which, indeed, has trained most of their medical personnel. As part of these actions, Havana has powerful medical brigade in Haiti since 1998 at no cost, which has been decisive to increase the health indicators of a country that witnessed firsthand the first victorious anti-slavery revolution ever, contributing to the relief efforts of the victims of the hurricane and earthquake in 2010 and to the fighting of the cholera outbreak the same year. The Cuban health personnel was reinforced in those States during the pandemic with part of the 52 medical brigades that have been fighting the coronavirus in recent months, with nearly 3,000 members in dozens of nations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania.

Trump’s followers are furious with the worldwide recognition earned by Cuba’s medicine and biotechnology, which gets bigger with the Covid-19 experience, and rage about the success achieved by the island while facing the pandemic, with one of the lowest disease and death rates in the world. Not to mention if we compare it with the United States, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, and European countries.

Trump, despite the tantrum, will be ousted from the White House. But he still remains as the leader of that pro-fascist horror named Trumpism. And the Cuban-American mafia will be still out there. Although this mafia shares Trump’s viewpoint, they are now bowing before Biden to save millions of dollars in funding provided by the federal budget to fight for a “democracy” in Cuba.

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Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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