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3 August 2020

Some people are concerned about the increase in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in recent days. Truth be told, any turn back triggers alerts, even though it’s clear that these “setbacks” were never discarded.

The reasons are many, and some escape predictions and precautions.

But some of the recently opened events have perfectly avoidable causes: they are the result of evident breaches in the measures passed by health authorities.

The "logic" followed is as old as life itself: it’s not my turn. And some take it to extremes: throwing large parties, avoiding protection, attending these parties with symptoms!

COVID-19 (it would seem needless to repeat it) is not just another flu. It’s very dangerous. Low lethality in Cuba should not originate overconfidence.

Obviously, they have been (still are) difficult months. Many people need hugs, to come out from isolation.

And little by little a certain normalization is looming.

But there is still no cure for the disease, the new coronavirus will continue to be around for a long time. We can barely attempt to control its effects, but eliminating it are major words.

So the slackening of contingency measures has to be well supported, it has to be the result of serious reflection.

Common sense.


Health authorities may insist on the need to follow protocols, to take precautions, to comply with the rules... but it will not be enough if citizens don’t become aware of their duties.

The police may enforce the law, give fines, redirect to the corresponding authorities ... but there is not a policeman for every citizen.

The media has launched campaigns for the public welfare, much information is available, hard work is carried out on the socialization of characteristics of general interest.

No one can claim ignorance.

And yet there are incidents, particularly in the Cuban capital: people who wear the surgical masks wrong, unnecessary crowds.

It’s just enough with the inevitable concentration in the lines to buy basic products, even if the need to keep distances is warned over and over.

It’s difficult to get people to keep a convenient distance. There are serious problems of supply and one cannot help getting impatient at the snail pace (so often unjustified) of the service.

It’s simply enough with the risk of getting on a bus or a taxi: people have to move around the city and this is a big city.

Those challenges must be dealt with.

But risking one’s life for nothing is another story, just for the sake of it, just foolishness.

Okay, children already need to take the cool of the street and can do it with precautions ... that does not mean leaving them on their own. A child has nothing to do in a queue?

And what does an old man have to do if he has young people in his family or nearby who can (should) run errands?

You have to find safe ways to entertain yourself; they do exist. Crowds must be avoided whenever possible. Collective celebrations must be postponed.

It may seem like the nightmare will last forever, but we'll pull through. For now, you have to settle down.

Be concerned, and deal with it.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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