The Right was Left Out: Correa Followers and Indigenist for the Second Round in Ecuador

The Right was Left Out: Correa Followers and Indigenist for the Second Round in Ecuador
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11 February 2021

In the midst of the poorly addressed COVID-19 epidemic, rumors of fraud preparations and verified 64 million ballots with unexplained errors and in custody of the National Electoral Council. Ecuador held the first round of the presidential elections this Sunday, February, which decided that Andrés Arauz, from the Union for Hope, aligned with Correa’s views, and Yaku Pérez, from the indigenist Pachakutic Movement, will decide in the second round scheduled for April 11th.

Arauz won 32.21% of votes, compared to Pérez, both with anti-neoliberal agendas, who obtained 19.80%, and 19.60 of the right-wing Guillermo Lasso. The data will probably change, but it won’t determine a change in position.

Despite no violent actions were reported, it was evident the delay in the opening of polling stations, some of which closed two hours earlier than expected, leaving thousands of Ecuadorians without voting.

However, 60% of the more than 13 099 000 electors called to the event, including tens of thousands living abroad, vote to elect a president, a vice president, 137 assembly members and five deputies to the Andean Parliament. Incomplete data indicates that the Correa followers obtained more than 60 seats.

Sixteen candidates participated in the elections, whose polls pointed to Arauz's favoritism, followed by Pérez and the right-wing businessman Gustavo Lasso, who, seeing himself as inferior, promised the indigenist that he would support him against the Corre followers, but Yaku did not accept, pointing out that the millionaire had supported Moreno in the destruction of the Homeland. Yaku was always an opponent of Rafael Correa, of whom he said that he’d have preferred Lasso instead.

The public act could be held despite the complications of a pandemic that has infested a quarter of a million Ecuadorians and claimed the lives of more than 50,000. In a similar situation, the presidential elections in Bolivia and the constitutional consultation in Chile.

This time, the Organization of American States (OAS) participates together with other international observers. The entity at the service of U.S. imperialism had contributed fraudulent claims to the overthrow of Evo Morales.

As for Lenín Moreno, as Trump did at the end of his term, he held an urgent meeting with North American businessmen to put an end to agreements that tend to privatize public companies and place others on the same path, in order to hinder any anti-neoliberal successor, as Arauz and Pérez have admitted, not Lasso, of course.

Lenin, famous for his history of betrayals to fellow party members and, especially Rafael Correa, who was his vice president, is regarded by WikiLeaks as the perpetrator of several corrupt actions in collusion with the rest of his family, therefore his reaction was to hand over the author of the website, Julián Assange, to the British police, with the treacherous purpose of being extradited to the United States, where he could face, if not the death penalty, up to 125 years of incarceration. The fate of the Australian journalist remains unknown.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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