Changing Chile: Pinochet’s followers in Trouble

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Changing Chile: Pinochet’s followers in Trouble
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21 May 2021

Since the wave of protests began in October 2019, one of the main demands of Chileans has been the change of the Constitution.

They are the richest individuals in Chile and perhaps in Latin America, they control the most important media. to hide the truth and spread the lie; they owned the most important schools, pharmaceutical companies, companies; they handle banking and finances at will. However, they could not avoid the electoral debacle of the middle of this month, which showed the consequence of the popular struggle that since 2019 has witnessed all kinds of repression to expose not only their opposition to the current government, but to what Pinochet’s followers represents. for the life of the South American nation.


The symbolic phrase that was installed in the 2019 protests, that it wasn’t 30 pesos, but 30 years of injustice, comes true after these elections.


Beatings, leaving dozens of people blind, murdering some and making others disappear, with hundreds, possibly thousands, of people in prisons without a file being opened, they haven’t been able to prevent the new generation of Chileans, united to others who maintain their revolutionary profile have voted for a change.

It doesn’t matter that the participation has been low, mainly due to the Covid-19 epidemic and recurrent abstention in remote geographical areas, because the result would ultimately be the same.


Who would have thought that the next mayor of Santiago, the capital, will be a communist!

But perhaps the most important thing is that the vast majority of the 155 members of the Constitutional Convention, which will be in charge of drafting a new Magna Carta, are independent, progressive, and members of organizations with an open anti-Pinochet taste.

The entities of the reaction, the ruling party and others who have always helped, wearing false opposition clothes, were left behind and, as President Sebastián Piñera had to acknowledge, along with his entire cabinet, that the result was a prove that the people want a change.


But we must be alert, especially when the presidential elections will be held in November, because I don´t believe that the oligarchy that holds the main wealth and its imperialist partner will easily let a representative of the people be the next president.

The new governors, mayors, and councillors, together with the constituents, demonstrated that there was a great ideological change

Let´s remember that the independent applicants outside the traditional political parties were one of the great winners of the Convention. Contrary to expectations, the right-wing didn´t manage to get anywhere near the 52 seats (or a third of the assembly) needed to influence the content of the new Fundamental Charter and veto articles.

While the center-left, united in the list Apruebo - which brings together a large part of the former Concertación, which governed Chile between 1990 and 2010 - obtained just 25 seats, below the result of the left-wing Approve Dignity list, which brings together the Communist Party and the Broad Front.

The results have been read by analysts as a "punishment" to the traditional political forces, and the first mea culpa from several of its speakers have already appeared.

"Chile has changed and it will probably be a different country after this weekend," said regretfully Roberto Isikson, director of Caden, a non-progressive Chilean market research and public opinion company, to BBC Mundo. Of course, it will be different.

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