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Post-airport Alert!
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19 November 2020

José Martí International Airport in Havana resumed its commercial, regular, and charter operations last Sunday, November 15th, after months of closure due to the pandemic.

The game rules have changed. Now win or, rather, live or stay alive, those who play fair, without cheating, and complying with all the measures. On the contrary, those who underestimate or ignore the game rules are more likely to fail, and when we refer to epidemiological phenomena such as Covid-19, the loss can be big.

With the reopening of José Martí International Airport in Havana to foreign flights from several origins as well as to national flights, the arrival of thousands of passengers in a single day, and the challenge of leaving to everyone’s conscience the required quarantine and social isolation, we could go into checkmate.

It’s not by witnessing the script of the apocalyptic films starring the North American actor and producer Nicolas Cage, but the setting at times seems shrouded in a foggy restlessness about the increase of imported cases and the autochthonous transmission in groups of family and friends for just not keeping your distance even in compliance with the quarantine.

Some say that, with the pandemic, people have developed more than usual a psychosocial symptom known as concern, which could be virtually defined as a mental state we develop when we anticipate unpleasant and even unforeseeable events or consequences. We refer to this concern on an individual, family, and social level.

It’s clear that this fear prevails and even more so in general terms and especially to health and governmental authorities of the nation. The first flash, with the emergence of positive cases for SARS-CoV-2 from abroad, is triggering great anxiety in Santiago de Cuba, where there was total calm, free of coronavirus.

Let’s think of those travelers who, faced with the burden of infinite nostalgia for their relatives in Cuba and the confidence built on the first negative PCR test, ignore the result of the second test. In the youngsters who feel healthy like virus-proof and could develop the asymptomatic disease and goes out without fear to socialize with their friends.

There’s also the case of people who keep denying the existence of the pandemic and act selfishly before others. It will be almost completely the fact that on top of all that has no other option than living with his family under the same roof, and both the physical distance between them and the family quarantine that this entails does not turn out to be strict.

Perhaps the pandemic mercenaries will not be left out either, those who at all cost and a cold heart will arrive on the island with the purpose of infecting people, making the health status of the nation more complex and putting the lives of many compatriots at risk. If it seems exaggerated, take a hard look on our history, we have already been witnesses and victims of unspeakable events.

There is plenty to worry about, but if you are really concerned about the present we are living in, worry and at the same time take care of yourself, look after those around you, your loved ones, of not delegating your responsibility to hands of others, to take all hygienic measures, keep physical distance, nobody like oneself will be able to take better care of themselves. Let's think as a country, as a nation in itself and let's all look after each other.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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