Joe Biden, the last “savior” of the people in Cuba

Joe Biden, the last “savior” of the people in Cuba
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19 July 2021

As it was noted in an opinion article published in this news website, one day after the most recent voting against the US blockade on Cuba at UNGA, history is witness the sole interests that the US has defended in Cuba are U.S’.

The latest proof of this was given by president Biden himself when, in a press conference held last Thursday, he affirmed that in order to “help” the Cuban people, oppressed by a “failed state,” he would maintain the prohibition on Cuban Americans’ ability to send remittance to their families in Cuba, he would donate vaccines and would restore Internet as well.

The President’s proposals have been regarded as hypocritical and absurd by different factions even in his own political party, and it is not surprising if we take into consideration that the prohibition to send remittance to Cuba is one of the 243 actions that the former administration took to take to the limit the criminal and deadly blockade, which the US has imposed on Cuba for more than 60 years.

Another sign of his lack of real interest and information as of how he may actually help the Cuban people was his offer of vaccines to the only nation in Latin America that achieved — despite its precarious economic situation caused by the same blockade he insists in maintaining—, create three anti-Covid vaccination schemes with its Abdala, Soberana 02, and Soberana Plus formulations, which exceed by far the 50% limit set by the WHO.

The last “Savior of the Cuban people,” it seems, ignores the statistics showcasing that 3.152.911 Cuban citizens got vaccinated with the first dose of a home-grown vaccine, while a second dose was given to 2.645.975 individuals, and 1.968.715 have been fully immunized with the whole vaccination scheme.

Another political nonsense is, no doubt, the so-called Internet service restoration. This measure was suggested by no other than the governor of Florida, and also a future presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis, which confirms the denounces made by Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs on the role played by the state government of Florida in the media aggression via Twitter that cowardly and opportunistically manipulated the Cuban citizens involved in the civil unrest experienced in some provinces of the country. 

Could it be that president Biden only wants to help “Cubans” involved with the anti-Cuban mafia based in Miami, which are annexationists and Trumpist accusing him of being a communist, the same people who secretly lead domestic terrorists keeping his “democratic” government on tenterhooks with the threat of another Capitol storming?

Once again a US President uses the suffering of the Cuban people to solve his domestic issues.

By continuing the existing 243 measures imposed by Trump during his time in office, in addition to appeasing the terrorist pack of Miami, according to the viewpoint of several analysts, he is doing business with the situation in Cuba to make an impact in the elections of Florida, a crucial state he lost to Trump last year.

As confirmed by the New York Times journalist David Brooks in his article “Biden bends to Miami in his policy on Cuba," published in the Mexican newspaper La Jornada, “The White House has chosen to turn to the past, and cede Cuba policy to Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham (all Republicans) and the influential head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Democrat Bob Menendez.” And such stance, as stated by some, could help him to regain some political ground in Florida as soon as in the mid-term election to be held in 2022.

Meanwhile, Biden cares nothing whether the Cuban people, amid the worsening of a pandemic, starve to death or kill among themselves. At the end of the day, none of the survivors would participate in another terrorist storming to the US Capitol or are going to vote for him in the next US presidential election.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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