Anti-Cuban mafia based in Miami requests more Internet for subversion in Cuba

Anti-Cuban mafia based in Miami requests more Internet for subversion in Cuba
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10 August 2021

As congresswoman María Elvira Salazar said in a press conference held after the Trumpist mafia met with the Republican leader of the United States House of Representatives of the Congress, Kevin McCarthy, in Miami: “we are running out of patience.”

And it looks like, in despair, they do not waste any time to disguise their true intentions with Cuba: they aim at more blockade and more Internet.

Internet, what for? I ask again.

According to the words of the anti-Cuban congresswoman, who requested US President Joe Biden more Internet access for Cuba once again, so they can have the opportunity “to talk among themselves, organize and take the streets,” and repeat the criminal and violent actions that occurred last July 11th.

In her words, last July 11th the people in Cuba went to the streets in several provinces after a live streaming video posted in Facebook went viral.

The statement of the former journalist corroborated the claims made by the Cuban Foreign Minister who accused the Florida State government of being behind this media operation, executed via Facebook, which some still call it “spontaneous social explosion.”

More Internet, María Elvira added, so that “Cuban individual, that Afro-Cuban, that men and women whose head is being battered, know that, even when they are the ones sacrificing the most, they are not alone.”

In other words, the goal is to letting the Cuban people know that the anti-Cuban mafia, in what may be regarded as another electoral campaign in favor of Trumpism, has spent more than a month in Miami, on behalf of the Homeland and the Life, urging more blockade and a military intervention in the island. 

In fact, the people could also be advised that the allegedly champions of “Afro-Cubans,” are the same who fled from Cuba, among other reasons, escaping from that "Afro-Cuban lowlifes." And the Revolution saved them from oblivion; and now, as our FM just denounced, they have unleashed defamations and racist attacks against those who back the petition in support Let Cuba Live.

To such people, rotten by hatred and frustration, might still have some patience left, since they ran out of decency and sense of shame a while ago.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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