For Cubans, unity is survival

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For Cubans, unity is survival
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15 October 2020

Photo: Sándor González

An overwhelming sentiment assails viewers of an installation by visual artist Sándor González. The piece is a map of Cuba, created with thousands of matches, a mirror and acrylic paint, and is entitled Si te metes con uno..., representing a subtle parable which is well understood by those of us who live here.

To those who unfortunately conceive of intellectuals and artists as alien to the daily dynamics of society, it may be necessary to reiterate that these figures constitute an integral part of a nation in which we have been educated under the principle that our survival is guaranteed by our unity.

Any time is a good time - even when we are attacked, or when someone accepts the pay-off and chooses to betray the people who have applauded them - to let it be known that, at the slightest offense or threat against the physical and spiritual integrity of exponents of the Cuban universe, the only thing produced is more pride in Cuba, more admiration, an attitude that obviously implies the legitimate defense of the homeland.

Thus, it would be worthwhile to understand that, on this island, as this piece of artwork alerts, if just one match is lit, the rest will immediately burst into flame, stirred by our commitment to solidarity.

For Cubans, unity is survival.


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