Cuba-U.S. Relations: A Democratic Snowball

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Cuba-U.S. Relations: A Democratic Snowball
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9 March 2021

About 100 Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives asked President Joe Biden for a more constructive approach to Cuba.

They expressed their desire in a letter addressed to the president this Wednesday.

The letter urges to eliminate the sanctions imposed by former President Donald Trump.

It was promoted by representatives Bobby Rush, Gwen Moore, and Bárbara Lee, who have shown interest in a dialogue with Cuba.

According to the British agency Reuters, Democrats also ordered the signing of a decree to restore travel and allowances.

The proposal was endorsed by influential figures from that forum such as the heads of the Foreign Affairs, Financial Services and Appropriations committees of the aforementioned Chamber.

Press media comment that Biden, after announcing, during his electoral campaign, a policy change towards Cuba, recently declared that it’s under review.

Peter Kornbluh, an analyst at the National Security Archive, noted:

“This letter would help foreign policy specialists in the Biden administration rebuild what Trump destroyed.

News agencies show that the Trump administration approved more than 240 measures to tense sanctions against Cuba in the last four years.

Another side has to do with the reopening of both diplomatic missions.

An important element would be to remove Cuba from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism.

Observers estimate that, even as the snowball in favor of modifying the isolation towards Cuba grows, the far-right claw will continue to put stones in its path.

Translated by: Amilkal Labañino Valdés /Cubasí Translation Staff

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