Trump: Against All Odds

Trump: Against All Odds
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19 November 2020

The New York Times revealed that Democratic and Republican election officials said Wednesday that there was no fraud in the 50 states of the country.

The Times consulted the main electoral authorities of those territories to find out if they suspected or had any evidence in this regard.

According to a report from that newspaper, none reported problems of this nature.

Some of those Republicans said they were surprised by Trump’s and his acolytes’ claims, who refuse to acknowledge the triumph of Joe Biden.

Republican Frank LaRose, Ohio Secretary of State, said: "There’s a great human capacity to make up things that are not true about elections."

He added that “conspiracy theories and rumors and all of those things run wild. For some reason, elections spawn that kind of mythology. “

The newspaper report highlights Republican officials, who don’t endorse Trump’s theories, who filed lawsuits in some states, so far without any evidence of foul play.

Several White House officials and their allies showed on the far-right Fox News about 200 testimonies about alleged fraud, which will have to be examined in court.

From Philadelphia, the Associated Press (AP) reported that during a court on Trump's lawsuits in Pennsylvania, the judge asked Jonathan Goldstein, his campaign attorney, if he had found any evidence of fraud among the 592 contested ballots.

The answer was no. "Accusing people of fraud is a huge thing, we are just trying to end the election," Goldstein said.

The AP comments that Trump has not been so cautious, and has insisted without evidence that he was "stolen" the elections, even when electoral officials of both parties claim that there has been no conspiracy.

This Wednesday Trump focused his attacks on Philadelphia, and accused Republican Al Schmidt, a local election official, of ignoring "a mountain of corruption and dishonesty."

His supporters have filed at least 15 lawsuits just in Pennsylvania.

They have also filed legal petitions in Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan.

That news agency states that in court, his lawyers must walk on a thin line between defending their client and fulfilling their professional oath.

Legal ethicists experts, and pro-democracy activists have questioned the involvement of attorneys in this battle, “at a time when Trump clings to power and Biden sets his agenda on track.

Justin Levitt, lawyer and former elections official for the Department of Justice said that "this could be an attempt to calm the ego of the president, but it has consequences for the real world and for real people, that attempt is not a crime without victims."

Donald Trump accused the local Philadelphia election official, Republican Al Schmidt, of ignoring "a mountain of corruption and dishonesty."

Schmidt later declared during an CBS interview "60 Minutes" that his office staff have received death threats for the simple fact of counting votes.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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