Venezuelan Government Faces Speculative Crisis

Venezuelan Government Faces Speculative Crisis
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12 December 2016
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The business sector in Venezuela are acting on Sunday in the campaign against the constitutional government of President Nicolas Maduro to make products more expensive and to speculate with the needs of the population.

The case of toy company Kreisel that raised the prices of these items through a chain of marketing and distribution emerged this week with a profit margin of up to 95,000 percent of speculation, the National Superintendency of Fair Prices (Sundde), Willian Contreras, explained.

Faced with these actions that are intended to cause discomfort in the population during the Christmas season, authorities are acting and the visit of Sundde inspectors to businesses to demand prices with discounts from 30 to 50 percent in some cases became a practice for a few days.

In the case of Kreisel and other companies, they bought the products with preferential dollars and then sold them through their distributors, which in turn transferred them to another company that finally sold them to the public with a speculative final price, Contreras said.

The National Superintendency of Fair Prices ordered on Friday the seizure of 3,821,926 toys that Kreisel's distribution company hoarded in its warehouses in Caracas and Guarenas.

This case is just a test button of the onslaught against the country's economy, something that has increased these days in items that create discomfort among the low-income population.

Bread was scarce or was not available today in many municipalities of the capital, while business owners or employees said that 'there is no flour', so the discomfort of the Venezuelans certainly increases.

Many people blame the government and are unaware or try to ignore the fact that the speculative mafias, those who govern the (illegal) parallel dollar and those who manipulate the situation for political purposes, are responsible for the situation.

Authorities in Miraflores are working on and are launching initiatives to support the population.

This is the end of the year in Venezuela, the government is intensifying the struggle and its campaign against sectors that boost the economic war, and those trying to increase the discontent of the population and insisting on making a political judgment of Constitutional President Nicolas Maduro, whom they blame for a crisis induced by themselves.

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