Al-Assad: Syria Will Defeat Terrorism

Al-Assad: Syria Will Defeat Terrorism
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2 November 2016
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Damascus, Nov 2 (Prensa Latina) The Syrian Army will get rid Syria of terrorists, said President Bashar al-Assad, who denounced the support from the United States to these groups, according to the national media.

Al-Assad held a lengthy meeting with British and American journalists, to whom he reiterated that the government he heads 'does not meet the requirements' of Washington.

In reports of the interview, the local press said that the charges leveled against him or Syrian officials on alleged war crimes are 'politically motivated' and have been fabricated to achieve the objective.

'I am just a headline, the bad president, the villain, who is killing the good guys (...) you know that narrative but let's suppose that these accusations are correct and that this President has killed his own people and the United States are helping the Syrian people (...) after five and a half years, who has supported me? How I can be president if my people does not support me?', he said.

Al-Assad reiterated his denounces that although 'thousands of Syrians are being killed by terrorists', nobody talks about war crimes committed by members of the extremist groups in the country.

Al-Asad considered that he will remain in his role until the end of his third seven-year term, in 2021, and outlined that there will be no political changes before the end of the war imposed on this country

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