Europe: More than 4 Million Young People without a Job

Europe: More than 4 Million Young People without a Job
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12 October 2016
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Brussels, Oct 12 (Prensa Latina) A total of 4.2 million young people are still without finding a job in the European Union (EU) in the present year, said the semestrial report of the European Commission published Tuesday.
Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs, said these data are showing that the strategy in Europe to promote job generation, is still showing some deficiencies, especially for young people.

'We will keep on investing in the human capital and supporting the adaptation of formations so that the persons are fitted on the labor market, which demands increasingly a qualified workforce', added Thyssen on the matter.

Nevertheless, Thyssen stood out the fact that the EU limited to 18.6 percent in last August the juvenile unemployment rate, one of the main pitfalls in the European administration, in contrast with 20.1 percent one year earlier.

On the other hand, the said balance reflects that the Group of the 28 generated a whole of three million 200 thousand labor squares between August, 2015 until the same month of 2016.

According to the analysis, of this whole of labor squares, 2.2 million happened in the area of the euro.

In addition, the EU stated that the unemployment levels showed in this space a considerable improvement, since they fell down in 24 of its 28 member states, while the average of this ballast in Europe is fixed in 8.6 per cent, the lowest from March, 2009 in the continent.

Finally the unemployment rate decreased 7 tenths of point in the last 12 months, just for 4.2 percent.

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