Rousseff Denounces Pessimism About Brazilian Economy

Rousseff Denounces Pessimism About Brazilian Economy
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29 July 2014
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“The same pessimism (that there was) during the World Cup is now being given to the economy, but it’s even more serious because the economy is made up of expectations,” remarked Rousseff in an interview transmitted via the Internet.

The president emphasized that Brazil, with a 2.3 percent expansion of its gross domestic product, is among the six or seven countries of the G-20 that grew most in 2013 and she denied that inflation is “out of control.”

Private analysts expect an inflation rate of 6.41 percent for 2014, very close to the government’s ceiling of 6.5 percent and well above the official target of 4.5 percent.

“(Inflation) is at the top of the ceiling. We’re going to remain at the top of the ceiling,” the president emphasized.

Rousseff also mentioned a report issued by Banco Santander Brasil SA to some of its customers in which it expressed an analyst’s opinion about the possible worsening of the country’s economic situation if she is re-elected in October.

“It’s unacceptable for any country ... to accept any level of institutional interference from any member of the financial system in electoral and political activity,” said Rousseff, who added that “the bank’s apology was quite perfunctory.”

She recalled that in 2002 “it didn’t go well” for those who bet in the market against the election of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as president of Brazil, an election he won handily in a runoff.

Rousseff, who served as Lula’s chief of staff for most of his two terms in office, won the 2010 election with his backing.

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