Former CIA Agent Joins US Presidential Run

Former CIA Agent Joins US Presidential Run
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8 August 2016
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Former CIA agent Eva McMullin announced today that he would run for president as an independent candidate and a Republican alternative to Donald Trump.

McMullin, the chief policy director of the House Republican Conference, announced his candidacy this Monday on Twitter.

McMullin stated that US citizens had lost faith in the candidates of both major parties, it's time for a generation of new leadership to step up.

It's never too late to do the right thing, the United States deserves much better than either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton can offer us, he added.

I humbly volunteer as a leader who can give millions of disaffected US citizens a conservative choice for President, he stated.

The new independent candidate has openly criticized Donald Trump whom he described as an authoritarian man who likes to make promises to justify breaking the law and the civil rights, and to consolidate control by force.

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