Clinton Leads Trump By 9 Points, Survey Says

Clinton Leads Trump By 9 Points, Survey Says
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3 August 2016
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Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has a nine-point lead over her Republican rival, Donald Trump, according to a CNN/ORC poll issued today.

The survey reveals that the former secretary of State is leading the polls at 52 percent against 43 percent for the New York billionaire. Trump has lost seven points compared to the last poll.

The results also show that 44 percent of Clinton supporters said they would not change their minds before the election, while only 36 percent of Trump supporters said the same.

Although the research takes into account the other two presidential candidates, Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), and Jill Stein (Green Party), the former first lady continues surpassing Trump (45-37).

The CNN/ORC poll confirms the problems the Republican candidate has to win the sympathy of African Americans and other minorities, only 7 percent of which support him compared to 77 percent who favor Clinton.

Another survey conducted by CBS also found that Clinton had a seven-point lead over Trump, after the official closure of the party conventions.

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