HRW Warns of "Great Danger" to Civilians in Syrian Town of Azaz

HRW Warns of "Great Danger" to Civilians in Syrian Town of Azaz
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18 February 2016
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According to HRW note, witness statements and evidence of the aftermath indicates that the attacks were part of the joint Russian-Syrian offensive in the area.

According to the United Nations, between Feb. 1-16, at least 70,000 civilians fled the offensive to cut access between Aleppo city and the Turkish border, the NGO added in the statement.

Consequently, the area around Azaz has become the center of a battle between various factions in which several local, regional and international actors are involved.

"At this rate there will be little left (in Azaz), with schools, hospitals, and other facilities civilians depend on being wiped out," deputy director of HRW Nadim Houry said.

Houry explained that thousands of people fleeing the violence are moving from one place to another, but with the closed Turkish border, they cannot go anywhere.

"Turkey should open its borders to all who need protection," Houry added.

HRW underlined that Syria and Russia should stop attacks against schools and health centers and stop indiscriminate attacks, including the use of cluster munitions.

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