Canadian Prime Minister-elect Vows Iraq, Syria Fighter Jet Withdrawal

Canadian Prime Minister-elect Vows Iraq, Syria Fighter Jet Withdrawal
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21 October 2015
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Trudeau made the announcement during a Tuesday phone call with U.S. President Barack Obama, who had called to congratulate him on his victory in the elections. And Trudeau said that he made it clear to Obama that even though Canada remains "a strong member of the coalition against ISIL (Daesh)," he will stick to his promises.

During his campaign, the Liberal party leader vowed to bring back the jets and end his country’s combat missions. His party was also a strong opponent of a proposal by Harper’s Conservative government to extend activities from Iraq into Syria. In April, the Canadian parliament voted 142 to 129 to extend their country’s military campaign against Daesh in Iraq and expand the mission to Syria.

The announcement was not mentioned a transcription of the conversation released by the White House. Trudeau also said that his government will be "moving forward” with commitments made while campaigning in a “responsible fashion.”

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