1,800 Refugees Arrive in Hungary, Austria Records 3,650 Passing Through

1,800 Refugees Arrive in Hungary, Austria Records 3,650 Passing Through
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1 September 2015
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According to a statement from the Hungarian police on Tuesday, among the 1,800 refugees who entered the country through Serbia, 380 were minors.

The number of refugees who reached Hungary on Monday was lower than the average of the previous week, when there were 2,000 to 3,000 refugees per day.

At least 150,000 refugees have arrived in Hungary since the beginning of this year, mostly seeking to reach the wealthier countries of the European Union, such as Austria and Germany.

At the same time, Austrian police said on Monday that more refugees than ever were recorded in recent weeks on their way to Germany, the main destination for migrants.

Both Austria and Hungary are part of the Schengen area allowing free movement in 26 European states.

The Hungarian-Serbian borders are currently witnessing a massive influx of refugees, who arrive from conflict zones such as Syria and Afghanistan, through the Balkan route.

Austrian police said on Tuesday that more than 3,650 migrants arrived at the Westbahnhof train station on Monday, with most continuing on to Germany.

The vast majority of refugees left the Austrian capital on the same day and traveled to Salzburg, near the border with Germany.

Just six people from Afghanistan decided to seek political asylum in Austria, while the rest chose to go to Germany, said a spokesman for the Austrian police to APA news agency.

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