Venezuela Poll Shows Socialists on Track to Win Elections

Venezuela Poll Shows Socialists on Track to Win Elections
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17 August 2015
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Pollster Hinterlaces has released a survey suggesting close to 70 percent of Venezuelan voters will cast their ballot.

Over 60 percent of Venezuelans intend to vote in the country’s parliamentary elections in Dec. 6, which are expected to be yet another victory for the government of President Nicolas Maduro, according to survey results released Sunday.

“Current projections indicate that 67 percent of Venezuelans would vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections, a record in this type of (vote),” said prominent Venezuelan journalist Jose Vicente Rangel, while announcing the survey results via private broadcaster Televen.

The prediction that the majority of Venezuelans plan to vote is likely good news for the government of President Nicolas Maduro, as high turnout traditionally benefits his socialist party, the PSUV.

Only 4 percent of survey respondents said they don't plan on voting, while 9 percent stating they were undecided, but leaning toward casting a vote. The survey was conducted by private pollster Hinterlaces. Thirty four percent of potential voters surveyed by Hinterlaces stated they favored the PSUV-led coalition, the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), which was formed in 2011. Only 19 percent of survey respondents said they preferred the GPP's main rival, the right-wing opposition coalition, the MUD.

Rangel said the results indicated the majority of voters firmly support Maduro's government, and believe the president is capable of defeating the economic war waged by sectors of the country's opposition.

“After 15 years of the Bolivarian Revolution, the opposition fails to still be perceived as an alternative,” Rangel said.

Venezuelans will vote on Dec. 6 in widely anticipated legislative elections. The GPP currently holds a majority in the legislature, the National Assembly.

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