23 Victims of Sexual Exploitation Rescued in Mexico

23 Victims of Sexual Exploitation Rescued in Mexico
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4 June 2015
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One of the suspects is a Honduran citizen, the AG’s office said in a statement.

The property where the women were being kept was seized.

The operation to rescue the women was launched after prosecutors opened an investigation on March 31 into the disappearance of a teenage girl in San Luis Potosi, a city in north-central Mexico.

Investigators determined that the teenager was contacted by an older man over a social network, started a romantic relationship with him and was convinced to move in with him, the AG’s office said.

The young woman was later taken to San Luis Potosi, where she was exploited sexually.

AG’s office personnel and other federal law enforcement agents raided the house in downtown San Luis Potosi on April 1 and rescued the teenager.

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