French President to visit Caribbean Islands in September

French President to visit Caribbean Islands in September
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23 August 2018
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The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, will visit in September the French possessions of St. Bartholomeu and St. Martin in the Caribbean, in order to verify progress made in reconstruction after hurricane Irma.

The Government spokesperson, Benjamin Griveaux, announced here the trip scheduled for the end of September, after the first Council of Miniosters held when work was resumed at the cabinet after summer vacations.

In the meeting, the Minister of Overseas, Annick Girardin,

presented a report on the reconstruction of both islands, harshly battered by the intense hurricane a year ago.

A total of 11 persons lost their lives in St. Martin and 95 percent of infrastructure of the islands was destroyed.

On the other hand, at the end of the Council of Ministers, the official spokesperson ratified the intention of Macron to continue forward with planned reforms in the nation.

According to Griveaux, the objective of the president is to keep the rhythm and direction of the transformations, in spite of the social discontent which could become worse after the laws previously approved, such as the new Labour Code.

Among the planned reforms in the next months stand out that of the constitution, pensions, unemployment insurance, health, among others, very polemic issues that point to generate tension in the country.

The boost to these changes takes place when the president is still harassed by the ghost of the case of Alexandre Benalla, collaborator of the president who attended the May Day demonstration dressed as a policeman and violently battered several people there.

The head of State faced at the end of July parliamentary probes and numerous criticisms on the part of politicians, personalities and the media, while at the National Assembly and the Senate was warned the issue would be retaken in September.

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