Impeachment of Dilma Must Be Annulled, Brazilian Professor Says

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Impeachment of Dilma Must Be Annulled, Brazilian Professor Says
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18 April 2017
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The express recognition by Michel Temer that the coup against the constitutional president Dilma Rousseff was a consequence of the fact that she did not give in to the blackmail of former Congressman Eduardo Cunha does not leave today another alternative to the Supreme Court that to annul the impeachment.

The opinion was supported by the doctor in Criminal Sciences Leonardo Isaac Yarochewsky, who in a commentary published on the website Justificando remarked that in a moment of serious institutional crisis respect to the Constitution of the Republic is expected to prevail over economic, political and other interests.

'Faced with the facts publicly admitted by one of the protagonists of the coup (Temer), the Supreme Court has no alternative but to annul the impeachment, if it does not want to definitively enter history as an ally of the process that removed a president from power who did not commit crime of responsibility,' the academic said.

In a TV interview last Saturday, Temer acknowledged that the former member of the Chamber of Deputies, Cunha (who is serving 15 years in prison for corruption, money laundering, and tax evasion) agreed to start the trial of Dilma in revenge against the then ruling Workers' Party.

'From the outset, and during all stages of the process -Yarochewsky said- the defense of the former president argued that Cunha had a deviation from purpose or abuse of power upon receiving the complaint against Dilma and the request for admission of impeachment.'

Yesterday, the defense lawyer of the deposed president, José Eduardo Cardozo, asked the Supreme Federal Court (STF) to include the interview granted by Temer to TV Bandeirantes in the process opened there, and that have yet to be tried, which requests the nullity of the Political trial to Roussef.

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