Macri Police Attack, Evict Argentine Teachers at Mobile School

Macri Police Attack, Evict Argentine Teachers at Mobile School
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10 April 2017
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The government of Macri faces strong resistance from unions, with large strikes becoming more frequent in 2017.

Under orders of President Mauricio Macri, Argentine police forces violently evicted a group of teachers Sunday night, as they tried to hold a mobile tent school meant to provide free classes to about 30 people in front of congress, demanding a new bill on education funding.

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A few hours later, they attempted again to set up the tent as an alternative form of protest, but the police removed them with tear gas and sticks and arrested four people, said union leader Roberto Bardel to local media.

Bardel confirmed that the right-wing government of Mauricio Macri gave the order to remove the protesters, according to the words of the police chief.

The teachers, representatives of labor union CTERA, demanded the government start negotiations in order to improve the education sector, as a court ordered on Friday.

Argentine police violently detain protester. | Photo: Alba Movimientos

They claimed the police illegally evicted them because they had previously asked authorities for permission to remain there for a few days without blocking any road, before moving the tent elsewhere.

The first classes were to be assisted by school orchestras, with teachers also hoping to invite legislators to talk about projects funding education.

At the end of March, thousands of teachers protested against the government, demanding a pay increase as the government prepared to squander US$2 billion on weapons from the United States.

The teachers also criticized the Macri administration for handing over decision-making authority on minimum wage policies to provincial governments, as they advocated for salary negotiation at a national level.

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