Protests in Canada Due to Inauguration of Trump Tower

Protests in Canada Due to Inauguration of Trump Tower
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28 February 2017
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Ottawa, Feb 28 (Prensa Latina) Hundreds of activists from Canadian social organizations will participate in a protest against the opening of a building with the name of US President Donald Trump in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.

The two eldest sons of the US tycoon, Eric and Donald Trump Jr., will attend the inauguration of the 69-storey, 360-million-dollar building that combines a hotel and private residences, and in fact, does not belong to the US president, but he granted the license to use his trademark.

Two groups of protesters will express their rejection to visitors around the site: Resist 4 Peace and Occupy Vancouver, who will act from different parts of the city, where 48 percent of its residents are immigrants.

According to Councilman Kerry Jan, the presence of the building in the center of the city is a monument to racism, intolerance, and ridicule, while Mayor Gregor Robertson said he would not attend the ceremony as a sign of rejection of this work.

The local Police Department (VPD) has already had experiences in confronting several demostrations against Trump in recent months and a strong presence of law enforcement is expected during these activities.

Adam Palmer, VPD's chief, said the entity is in touch with the Secret Service, Trump Tower staff, and the organizers of the marches to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

British Columbia Prime Minister Christy Clark said the name does not represent the values of the city, whose inhabitants and authorities support the defense of the environment and a tolerant attitude toward drug use.

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