Cuban Cooperation with Vietnam Increases Rice Yield

Cuban Cooperation with Vietnam Increases Rice Yield
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15 December 2015
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The Cuba-Vietnam cooperation project for rice production, implemented since 2010 to date, has allowed increasing yields to up to 4.58 tons per hectare.

Lazaro Diaz, general director of Agribusiness Group for Grains of the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG), while summarizing its fourth stage, said that in that period 56,000 hectares were planted in 12 provinces and the special municipality of Isle of Youth, which produced 257,108 tons of rice.

The fifth stage (2016-2020), will concentrate on the efficient use of water, among other issues. Le Quoc Doanh, deputy minister of agriculture of Vietnam, reported that as part of training tasks 18,000 people were trained in courses and workshops in Cuba.

We are assessing the experiences and results obtained in each of the territories to eliminate the shortcomings or limitations that prevent to increase yields, said the Vietnamese executive, who is traveling with a group of experts in this field who will stay in Cuba for several days to work on strategies for the fifth stage.

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