United States: Another Flag, the Pro-slavery Flag

United States: Another Flag, the Pro-slavery Flag
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26 June 2015
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A man wears on his head a handkerchief with the design of the confederate flag  

It’s a symbol that contributes to better understand the ideology and acting of those living there.  

In the Opinion column, the New Herald, there was an analysis on the United States that’s worth the attention.

It was published this Tuesday signed by Sergio Muñoz Bata and approached tragedies that corroborate the increase of their social crisis.

The titles: “Reappear guns and Racism", even Jessica Hill from the Associated Press speaks about it.

It starts by saying that president Obama has invited North Americans to wonder why armed violence that affects them doesn't happen in other developed countries.

The text remembered that in his last speech, for the racist massacre in South Carolina, he insisted in the failed effort of controlling the sale of weapons.

Statistics show that it’s a country where, as an average, 88 out of 100 North Americans have at least one firearm.

Analysts have said that in the last 30 years the number weapons in the hands of civilians duplicated and that in total there are about 310 millions circulating in the population.

Muñoz Bata writes that Obama is right, because in no other country worldwide that many people have so many weapons, and he named Yemen as an example, "the second most armed" with 28 out of 100.

It adds that the murder rate in the United States is far greater that in Germany, France, Great Britain or the Scandinavian countries.

As another anomaly it remembers that massacres, with the style of Charleston on Wednesday, happen "with more frequency" than in other places.

Just to mention that, only in the last 16 months, there were 43 massive shootings (were three or four people die).  

Two years ago a total of 11 208 homicides by firearms were registered in the whole country, without taking into account the accidents neither the suicides by firearm.

Will it be possible to stop that other madness in North American society? Muñoz Bata is not optimistic about it.

And he writes. "Unfortunately, I am convinced that everything will continue the same."

If the slaughter of 26 children and white adults in Newtown didn't move the republican majority in the Capitol, to stop that paranoia, the murder of nine Afro-Americans in South Carolina will achieve less.  

Afterwards he highlighted, when the next slaughter takes place we’ll listen to the same endless debates again.

"How to limit the obscene firearms trade? and how to advance in the struggle for racial equality?

FBI documents point out that two years ago there were almost 6 000 hatred crimes and 7 000 victims, seven out of ten against Afro-Americans.

However, alerted Muñoz Bata, for a wide sector of the population the continuity of racism is "an invention of the anti-North American liberals".

Following Muñoz Bata included the topic of the non control on weapons sale.

He assured that for most North Americas "weapons don't kill" and a crazy person can do it either with a bomb than with a knife.

If things are like that, reads the New Herald article, the outcome is unavoidable and overwhelming: the problem “is” in people.

Here is a golden example on the way in which is educating the mind of their inhabitants, from kindergarten until the rest of their lives.

No wonder the confederate flag of racists in the XIX century still waves in the State Assembly (Parliament) of South Carolina 150 years after the Secession War.

This week the company that since 1847 manufactured and sold this symbol announced that they will close for good.

At the same time, companies like Google, eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba notified that they would remove the confederate flags

Earlier, the executioner of the recent massacre in a black church of South Carolina, Dylann Roof, appeared posing with that symbol in a website.

This week, Obama admitted that racism is still a serious problem in the United States, he is absolutely right and deserves solidarity.  

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