US: Mourns their Lady Liberty

US: Mourns their Lady Liberty
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19 June 2015
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It reached its 130th birthday amid sustained racist actions against members of the black community.  

Last Wednesday the festivity was intertwined with the murder of nine people in a church of South Carolina.

Thus was notified spokesmen of their police who also qualified it as "a hatred crime."

The church is called AME Emanuel, one of the most prominent Afro-Americans institutions of the region.

After the fact the local television station WLTX informed that a 21-year-old Caucasian male was wanted.

A few hours later at a swimming pool of the state of Ohio the police fractured the jaw to a 12 year-old black girl.

What was the excuse? Because another minor who accompanied her was not wearing the appropriate outfit for that place.

New footage captured the moment in which a policeman holds a girl by her neck and pushes her against a patrol car vehicle.

In the familiar justifying note they wrote that Mrs. Krystal Dixon took her children and nephews to that pool and one of them lacked the appropriate swimming suit.

It was enough that a white police officer sprayed pepper gas on black boys and another to pushed a girl onto a police vehicle.

However the Police declared to the press that "they were just doing their job."

The Daily Beast published a statement of the family where they revealed that the minor has a jaw fracture and several broken ribs.

Nevertheless, spokesmen of the repressive institution assured once again that the victim “resisted and assaulted them”.

But the family insisted in that the uniformed man, because of his racist ideology, use force excessively.

All of this while it turned to its 130th birthday on the arrival of the solemn and beautiful Statue of Liberty which France gave to the United States.

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