Shadow Side on Trump's Political Trial

Shadow Side on Trump's Political Trial
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23 January 2020
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Much information and journalistic comments have been accompanying the process of Donald Trump’s political trial.

But its most important side has been poorly approached or not approached at all.

As an example, when it has been overtly repeated that Trump threatened to punish his Ukrainian colleague if he did not meet his requirements.

One of these, who he religiously fulfilled, suspended military assistance if he did not control the former Vice President John Biden.

The latter tops the list of those who could challenge Trump in the next general elections in his country.

That is, a blunt blackmail coming from the head of state against another head of state.

Both perfectly identified.

Where were left the principles of independence and sovereignty of nations of the world?

This issue that, if the UN had the strength and authority to do so, the International Court of the Hague would be judging it.

However, silence prevails in the face of a scandalous event, impossible to forgive.

Once again he is accompanied by his baptized free press, unable to move a finger if they put a scratch on Uncle Sam.

Again, now in Trump's political trial, the main voice of those media corresponds to the anecdotes, not the core substance.

And in the middle of that chessboard, one of the main culprits the Republican majority of the Senate, who is ready not to condemn him.

Although it will be difficult for them to free him from the political crutches that will welcome him after those hearings.

Some prospects mark the perspective in one direction or another.

First, that Donald Trump, based on historical experience, uses a military crisis looking for domestic support.

Second, that the U.S. economy remains balanced.

Third, a new devastating scandal.

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