Cristina, one way or the other

Cristina, one way or the other
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10 September 2019
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If a tsunami of electoral fraud does not prevent it, Mauricio Macri will receive the final stab to make him leave Argentina’s presidency next October 27, thus giving way to Alberto Fernandez, whose running mate for the office is Cristina Fernandez, a former head of state everlastingly slandered, persecuted by those who hate the Latin American left and that, repeatedly brings Eva Duarte de Peron back.

Cristina has said: “I’m not to blame for being born rich”, but in her task of two presidential tenures, within her possibilities, she tried to do the best for her people.

Involved in six trials of false charges brought by the “justice” of the current regime to hinder her nomination, she has already dismantled five of them, as the hatred campaign launched by Latin America’s mainstream press strengthens.

The former leader has responded to this state of affairs:

“Do you know what? We’ll leave hatred, grievance, calumny and slander for them; we’ll keep the Universal Child Allowance, retirement pensions, egalitarian marriage, expansion of rights, collective labor agreements, the best adjustable living minimum wage in history, the national industry, infrastructure investments, education, universities, scientists, schools, children”.

A system, which it’s not very well known why nobody calls it regime, is falling. Media, judges, intelligence services and friends of power mounted a sinister plot that made persecution a policy; slander a tool; lies an electoral ingredient; contempt for the people an ideology. This too, or mainly this, is what comes to an end.

What Macri was hiding has been exposed. The vices of his existential routine have come to light.

Everything indicates that next October 27 a horrible political, social and cultural experiment will come to an end. There was a “crack” these years, in this time of popular suffering.

There was such a crack because Kirchnerism, with all legitimacy, hinted at touching the nodal points of real power in Argentina. But it was not Macrism what defeated Kirchnerism that unlucky 2015, but certain inconsistency of Kirchnerism that allowed the victory of Macrism and its national deployment as a political option.

Meanwhile, the political strength of Cristina Kirchner is still the hard fact of Argentine politics. There’s hope, although hard times will come. If everything goes well, as I believe, there will a better future for the people of this South American nation.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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