TEXAS: Who rules? Its firearms

TEXAS: Who rules? Its firearms
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4 September 2019
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As shootings and the victims from them increase in U.S., Texas stimulates it.

The latest dramas took place weeks ago, and ended last Saturday when 5 people were murdered.

According to authorities, there were between 15-20 people dead there, as well as 3 people detained at shopping centers in El Paso.

EFE news agency commented in Washington that they do so when rigor over gun control decreases.

Where? In such places as schools and churches, When? As of this Sunday.

The eight laws that protects it were passed by Texas Legislature between last January and May.

One of those norms allows Texans to bring firearms into churches, synagogues and other places of worship, unless a signage expressly bans so.

There’s another law that prohibits school districts from banning licensed gun owners from storing guns and ammunition in their vehicles.

One of the laws eliminates restrictions on the number of school marshals who can carry fire guns, either in public or private schools.

At the same time, Texans are also allowed to store guns and ammunition in the so-called foster homes, provided that they are locked up.

The legislation also prohibits landlords from banning renters and their guests from carrying fire guns in lease agreements.

It also prohibits owners’ associations from banning gun storage on rental properties.

Another law allows Texans to carry firearms without a license in state of disaster.

These eight laws are in force notwithstanding two mass shootings were registered in Texas last August.

One of them, in early August, left 22 people dead, including 8 Mexicans.

Hours ago, on Saturday, 5 others were killed and 21 wounded.

All this happened in the state the Bush family, which holds the condition of having successfully courted the favors of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Years ago, there was a Democratic president, William Clinton, who dared to describe that association as one of the real powers behind the throne in United States.

Texas mass shootings corroborate it.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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