Iran’s Determination is Annoying for the U.S.

Iran’s Determination is Annoying for the U.S.
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27 August 2019
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Teheran’s government has refuted —one by one— all the lies spread by the U.S. and its cohorts in the Middle East region. Some other nations in Europe, whose goal is to please Donald Trump’s wishes, have also gotten on that bandwagon of lies.

In this sense, the U.K. could not achieve its goal of disturbing the work of the Iranian government. Therefore, Great Britain had to free an illegally held Iranian oil tanker, which would result in the end in a greater political and economic damage for London.

Everything has been staged by the Empire especially by executing harassment tactics in the Hormuz Strait and along the Persian Gulf, all rejected by Iranian authorities, who deployed short-and-medium range missiles to respond any possible aggression from the British Royal Navy and Israel, or the continued presence of American drones. One of them was shot down while flying over Iran’s international water.

There have been no peaceful days lately. But the determination we mentioned before helped European allies of the U.S. to convince Washington to honor the nuclear treaty with Iran.

In this regard, it is important to highlight the outstanding combat readiness of the Iranian Army, the Guardians of the Revolution, and Senior Military Officers that showed they knew how to handle tough situations, conscious of Iran’s military muscle to face U.S. and Israel armies.

All these take place under Trump’s sick obsession to sanction everything that opposes the American interests. Iran is one of them. Other pressuring tactic is to insist several nations in Europe to buy the expensive gas produced by the U.S. instead of that sold by Russia.

From every perspective, it is alarming that the crisis unit in Washington has put the world on the verge of a bloodbath by demonizing not only Iran, but also Venezuela, Syria, the Palestine people, and raising tension with Russian and China while avoiding the multipolarization of the world aiming at increasing the profits of its arms industry, essential for the establishment in that country.


Iran’s determination is what has stopped the Empire’ predation quest, lured by the gas and oil wells located in the Persian nation.

Plundering the oil and dividing the country could be even as lucrative as the continued threat to set fire to the region, raising the prices and delaying the breakdown of another fraud: the fracking.

This would provide the oil needed to “make America great again” at the expense of an environmental damage that they do not care about, nor those dead people because of cancer, nor the exorbitant debts that the Federal Reserve will cover up with its magical money-making machine.

But the attack clearly aims to undermine the regional security as Iran has been the mainstay of a very volatile region, and remains a retaining wall for the balkanization of Syria and Irak. And that is another reason why Iran plays an annoying role for the U.S. and its dominance projects.

The thing is that Iran has a geo-strategic position of great impact and stands as a military, economic, scientific, and technological counterbalance against the few elites in Israel and the abuses of the Saudi monarchy.

If we take a deeper look, we are facing the power of some people opposed to the world who break alliances and friends, and certainly, destroy themselves. There is no country in the world more devastated than the U.S. itself.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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