THIS SUMMER: to the Theater!

THIS SUMMER: to the Theater!
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28 July 2019
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And it is certainly a wonderful choice to provide our kids with colors, joy, and spiritual growth in these summer months.

The advantages are many. But once we opt for this healthy entertainment option, which also adds intellectual exercise and learning to its several virtues, everything happens indoors (something to consider to avoid Cuban hot summer).

Indeed, it is an economic option as Cuba has very low prices for theater performances. As Chaplin once stated, they are like a smile: littleit cost in the giving, (…) but made the day worth.” Smiles trigger, for instance, happiness, good vibes, affection, and creativity; not to mention the number of performances taking place in the streets, parks, and museums.

Unfortunately, theater shows are not usually promoted. However, career theater men always find a solution and let us know. Some proposals are promoted in the social network or websites such as La Papeleta. Thus, if you have internet service, visit and check the proposals.

I give you a couple of suggestions. This goes specially for moms from Camaguey. The campaign “D’Luz Teatral” will be performed in different communities of the provinces these days. How did I know? I googled it. But you can find more clues in “real life.”

Teatro Estaciones —about to turn 25 years old— proposes the upcoming weekend Retrato de un niño llamado Pablo, in Matanzas. This is a play children love a lot and adults are left wondering if they must visit a psychologist to adjust our ability to dream. How did I know? I visited Pepe Camejo Hall and I saw the program. This is also a good way to know.


In Havana, the digital guide La Papeleta announces Para subir al cielo se necesita…, by Theater of Puppets Okantomí at the Cultural Center Vicente Revuelta and right there, Aire Frio’s Cuando los gigantes aman. Here is brief summary: Giant Arnoldo lives in a typical Austrian village. He is very sad because he believes he is the last of his kind but…This is a theatrical adaptation made by Eduardo Eimil from the homonymous Folke Tegetthof’s tale with the artistic direction by Yuniel Hernandez. Eduardo Eimil is the general director.


That’s it, seek and you will find for sure. I am pretty certain other proposals will come up like Habana Titiritera, by Teatro La Proa, August 5-11, with the attendance of more than two dozen Cuban and foreign Theater Companies.

Venues: Teatro La Proa, El Arca, and the alternative hall of Teatro El Arca (the third floor), Casas de Mexico, Africa, and Guayasamin.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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