The Internet in Cuba and the Wall of Sorrow

The Internet in Cuba and the Wall of Sorrow
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3 January 2019
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Some who are not aware - or simply do not want to be- that the Internet is the new battlefield of the ideological war that the Empire is waging against those countries that disagree with its hegemony, use social media as a sort of wall of sorrow, either on the history or current Cuban reality.

Here is a kind of decalogue that characterizes them:

-The new practitioners of historical materialism are convinced that Capitalism is the upper phase of the Special Period.
- They proclaim themselves as revolutionaries, but defenders of a non-existent welfare Capitalism. The Left seems to be their main class enemy.
-The champions of free enterprise, based on certain political coincidences, advise tracing the economic models of other countries, but they overlook an essential difference: those nations are not condemned, by mandate of the United States, to be surrendered by hunger.
-The same people who said that we should never copy the Soviet model, now propose to plagiarize anything, except originality.
-They suffer from political Alzheimer: their memories, full of gaps, do not conceive continuity and, among many other things, they forget that if something went wrong, it was what some of those who regret now invented or applauded before.
- Sort of political two-faced people. According to them, they are not extremists because reality is not black and white, but gray, actually they turn a blind eye and only see the spots on the side they claim they belong to.

- Sometimes they work as media megaphones of the enemy propaganda: curiously they coincide in points and commas with their approaches. «Friendly Fire», which the (US) Task Force would like to implement.
- They are the new knights of the faith against corruption, as if corruption was an invention of Socialism and not a consequence of inequality, developed, in its maximum expression, in the Capitalism they advocate.
- "Experts" in all topics, they have discovered that -apart from the blockade of the United States, the same one that costs Cuba 12 million a day- bureaucracy, inspectors, the incompetent and opportunistic leaders of the companies are the first cause of all evils, so they propose themselves, in the best of cases, as consultants, advisors, journalists and moderators.
-In the worst, and deep down, they hope to be bureaucratic reserves, inspectors and inept opportunistic leaders.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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