IN PHOTO: Moron, more than a Rooster

IN PHOTO: Moron, more than a Rooster
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26 June 2018
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The story related to this poultry was born from an Andalusian legend. It was about the rivalry between two neighbors and has endured from the colonial time.

You automatically think of a rooster if you mention Moron in Cuba.

This farm animal is the symbol of the city and its name represents services agencies, gastronomical sites and other public facilities.

It is located 16 miles away from the capital city of Ciego de Avila province. Moron means peace. Its citizens are humble, kind, hard-working, and young people are eager to foster tourism in an area full of natural, beautiful sites.

Therefore, tourism is its main source of employment.

Moron is also known for the Tarafa Avenue, Jose Marti Park, Reguero Theater, Railway Station, and many other places that make you think Moron is much more than a Rooster.


DSC09975 cubasi
El Gallo (Rooster), symbol of Moron, located in one of the parks

DSC09978 cubasi
Monument erected to the memory of El Vaquerito, combatant of the Cuba’s Rebel Army, highly praised for his courage and boldness.

DSC09977 cubasi
Che Guevara’s words on El Vaquerito, who died in the Battle of Santa Clara two days before the Triumph of the Revolution on December 30, 1958. He was 23.

DSC09984 cubasi
Etecsa’s headquarter in Moron. Beautiful building located in one of its main avenues.

DSC09986 cubasi
As most cities in Cuba, the permanent homage paid to the Apostle Jose Marti, monument located at homonymous park.

DSC09987 cubasi
In Moron, the bustle of workers is permanent. Tourism depends on them especially in the northern keys of Ciego de Avila. This is the pickup point.

DSC09988 cubasi
Tarafa Avenue, the most important of the town, where the transportation service is carried out by carriages, bicycles, and modern buses.

DSC09990 cubasi
Craftworks embellishing the streets.

DSC09998 cubasi
Reguero Theater, headquarter of Moron Teatro Company. Restored Colonial Building.

DSC09997 cubasi
Catholic Church of the town. Watch the uniqueness of the dome.

DSC09999 cubasi
Agramonte Park where the monument erected to the memory of the heroes of the Revolution is located.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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